“We are dietitians with a passion to mend your relationship with food”

Hilary Raciti RDN CDN


Hello! My name is Hilary Anne Raciti RDN, CDN and I am the founder of Truce Nutrition LLC.  I desire to help my clients grasp a better understanding of nutrition while gaining trust in food and their bodies through nutrition counseling and education.  I have extensive experience working with eating disorders, diabetes management, PCOS, bariatric surgery and cardiovascular health.  I am involved in a specialized program at Columbia University for a Masters of Diabetes Education and Management to provide specialized, weight inclusive care to this population. Ultimately I love what I do and am passionate to assist you in seeing food as source of balance, fuel and love.

I work with each individual in a personalized fashion that will suit his or her goals. I see my experience with clients as a journey. We go on this journey together. This is not a quick fix, but a process that permits a deep connection with food, body and self. My weight inclusive and Health at Every Size philosophies offer long lasting health and happiness without shame, bias or finger shaking. In addition to counseling sessions, I provide virtual sessions, grocery tours, couple/family sessions and much more!

Maggie Garin, RDN


My name is Maggie Garin, RD and I am a per diem Registered Dietitian for Truce Nutrition LLC. I completed my undergraduate degree and dietetic internship at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Nutrition at the University of Alabama. I primarily work with patients with eating disorders or disordered eating patterns, but also have experience using medical nutrition therapy for various chronic health conditions.

I am passionate about taking an individualistic, non-diet approach to nutrition. I believe all foods fit and ALL have a purpose so I encourage clients to be non-judgmental in their nutrition journey. I place importance on mindful and intuitive eating practices and have experience working with the Health At Every Size philosophy. I also have spoken publicly regarding eating disorders and body image and hope to be a helping hand and voice in your journey.