I am a dietitian with a passion to mend your relationship with food.


Hello! My name is Hilary Anne Raciti RDN, CDN and I am the founder of Truce Nutrition LLC.  I desire to help my clients grasp a better understanding of nutrition while gaining trust in food and their bodies through nutrition counseling, education and lifestyle change.  I have extensive experience working with eating disorders, emotional eating, weight management, bariatric surgery and digestive health.  I am pursuing my Masters at Columbia University in Diabetes Education and Management to provide specialized care to this population. Ultimately I love what I do and am passionate to help each individual see food as source of balance, fuel and love.

I work with each individual in a personalized fashion that will suit his or her goals. I believe lifestyle change is necessary for long lasting health and happiness hence why my strategies differ from others. In addition to counseling sessions, I provide virtual sessions, grocery tours, cabinet makeovers, couple/family sessions and much more!